About us

Company background

HK 1st AI Training Centre

Welcome to Hong Kong's first AI academy, a pioneer company deeply engaged in technological innovation. Our parent company, Creator-EX Company Limited, was founded by Hiko Lee, who has worked hard in the field of technology for many years and has excellent experience as a technology consultant. 

Founder–Hiko Lee

Hiko Lee is the founder of Creator-EX Company Limited and the company's chief consultant. With his keen insight into technology and outstanding leadership, he has led us to actively participate in various technology fields and established a strong technology community in Hong Kong.

Technical team profile

CreatorEX's technical team is composed of professionals from Cisco, IBM and other top 500 companies and startups. Our technical manager has extensive experience in network and communication technology, the technical director has been deeply engaged in the field of big data and cloud computing for many years, and the core members of the startup company lead the team to achieve success in the Internet of Things and data science. Our technical professionals include software engineers with many years of development experience and data scientists with extensive experience in the fields of big data analysis and machine learning.
CreatorEX's mission is to provide solutions to society and improve people's living and working environment through innovative technology. Our goal is to become a leader in the field of science and technology, providing customers with efficient, reliable and innovative solutions.

Reason for establishment

Our establishment stems from our belief in the future of science and technology and our desire to contribute to society. In the digital age, the rapid development of AI technology has brought unprecedented opportunities and challenges to enterprises. We deeply realize that the successful integration of AI into the business field is not only a trend, but also an inevitable choice for enterprises to continue to prosper and develop.

Company philosophy

Bring AI into the business world and increase productivity

Our philosophy is to play a leading role in the field of AI and integrate its infinite possibilities into business practice. This is not only the progress of science and technology, but also a key factor for enterprises to achieve a new level.

Standards of excellence for Technology consultants

As a science and technology consultant, we pursue excellence, not only to stay at the forefront of technology, but also to pay more attention to how technology can be truly applied to solve practical problems and promote enterprises to achieve more efficient, innovative and sustainable development.

The power of education

We firmly believe that education is the key to making technology truly change the world. Through Hong Kong's first AI academy, we are committed to cultivating outstanding AI professionals, promoting the advantages of talents, and providing strong support for the digital transformation of Hong Kong and international enterprises.

Partners and customers

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