AI business training


Language model application

    1. How to ask accurate questions to AI
    2. Keywords needed to generate text
    3. Method of generating PPT text
    4. Generate movie content

AI to memorize and generate background

    1. One-click back camera function
    2. Generate background, AI lighting and shadows
    3. Enter the command to generate the background
    4. Change the picture in App

Meitu Software:

    1. Social media post picture beautification
    2. PPT template
    3. AI generates pictures
    4. AI generates videos

PPT generation:

    1. Generate PPT with one click
    2. AI generates Idea points
    3. Content fine-tuning

Film production:

    1. Shooting skills
    2. Commercial sales
    3. AI generates narration
    4. AI generates subtitles
    5. AI generates videos
    6. AI anchor

Multiple agency invitations:

    1. Business course company
    2. In-house training of English educational institutions AI
    3. Internal training
    4. Training of various chambers of commerce
    5. China-Hong Kong live broadcast platform
    6. Hong Kong and Taiwan Visit

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