Hotel new retail system

This new hotel retail system aims to realize the efficient integration of hotel retail outlets and pre-warehouse systems, combining retail business with hotel internal inventory management.
At the same time, it provides takeaway services to increase overall revenue and reduce waste of consumables.

Retail point management:

    1. Provide a simple and intuitive interface to make the retail outlets inside the hotel easy to manage.
    2. Hotels are allowed to display goods at retail outlets, including hotel supplies, snacks, beverages, etc.
    3. Support barcode scanning and RFID technology to quickly and accurately record product information.
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Pre-warehouse system:

    1. Integrate the pre-warehouse system to realize the instant docking of retail inventory with the hotel supplies consumables warehouse and the catering ingredients warehouse.
    2. Provide inventory monitoring and management functions, allowing hotels to track the inventory status of goods in real time.
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Unified system management of front and rear warehouse kitchen procurement:

    1. Integrate retail and back kitchen procurement into a unified system to facilitate the hotel's unified management of the supply chain.
    2. Provide order management functions, allowing you to order required hotel supplies, ingredients, etc.
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Takeaway service:

    1. Set up takeaway service points on retail outlets to facilitate people in surrounding offices to order takeaway.
    2. Integrate Meituan takeaway service to deliver takeaway orders directly to the takeaway delivery platform to achieve fast takeaway service
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Office person service:

    1. Meet the fast food needs of office workers through takeaway services, and provide fast and convenient catering services.
    2. Provide preferential activities and promotions to attract office people to shop and order takeaway at hotel retail outlets.
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Reporting and analysis:

    • Provide sales reports and inventory analysis, so that hotels can gain an in-depth understanding of the performance of the retail business and make appropriate adjustments.
    • Support customer feedback to improve product and service quality.

Multi-platform integration:

  • Integrate different platforms and applications, such as payment systems, order tracking systems, etc., to improve overall performance.

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