Air detection system

This air detection system is a comprehensive solution designed to enable real-time monitoring, storage, adjustment, analysis and sharing of air quality. The following is an introduction to the main functions of this platform:

Detector data acquisition:

    1. Multiple communication methods: the detector collects real-time air quality data through Wifi, telecommunications networks, LoRaWAN, etc.
    2. Data frequency control: The frequency of detector data acquisition can be set to meet different scenarios and needs.

Data storage and transmission:

    1. Support for multiple interfaces: support MQTT, TCP, RESTful and other interfaces to transmit detection data to the data center.
    2. Instant storage: The data center stores the data transmitted by the detector in real time to ensure the accuracy and timeliness of the data.
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Data center functions:

    1. Data storage and management: Provide data storage functions to support database management and maintenance.
    2. Data adjustment: Data can be calibrated and adjusted to improve the accuracy of the data.
    3. Statistical analysis: Provide statistical analysis functions such as average value, highest and lowest records to understand the air quality situation in different time periods
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API provides services:

    1. Data query API: Provide a data query API so that developers can extract air quality data by themselves as needed.
    2. Analysis API: An API that provides analysis functions and supports developers to perform customized analysis and applications.
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Client application:

    1. Data chart: A multi-platform client application, users can view instant and historical air quality data through the Web or mobile application.
    2. Sharing reports: Users can generate and share air quality reports to increase public attention to air quality
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Notification of abnormal events:

  • Instant notification: The system can send instant notifications to relevant users according to pre-set thresholds to deal with sudden abnormal air quality events.
User management and permission control:
  • Multi-level permissions: provide multi-level user management and permission control to ensure that only authorized users can access corresponding data and functions.
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