AI system development case

Provide real-time air quality monitoring, storage and analysis, integrate multiple communication methods and data interfaces to ensure accurate and comprehensive data collection
Integrate the hotel's internal retail outlets and pre-warehouse systems to realize the seamless docking of retail inventory and supplies depots, provide takeaway services and integrate Meituan takeaway services.
Create an integrated co-working platform for the office park, providing services such as booking office spaces, meeting rooms, and intelligent access control to improve office efficiency
It is used for aircraft engineering maintenance to realize indoor BLE and outdoor GPS positioning of large objects, and at the same time provides an APP for employees to share and rent large equipment.
This education evaluation system is a comprehensive platform designed to provide teachers, students, parents and school administrators with a convenient education evaluation and learning management tool
Provide real-time meteorological data, long-term forecasts, weather maps, air quality monitoring and other functions, support multiple platforms, and meet the needs of different industries and individuals

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