Smart office system

This smart office system aims to establish an efficient, convenient and intelligent co-working environment for the science and technology park, so that members can easily manage office space, book meeting rooms, and enjoy a variety of services such as smart access control and lockers. The following is an introduction to the main functions of this platform:

Member management:

    1. Provide member registration and authentication functions to ensure system security and privacy protection.
    2. Create personal information for members, including contact information, office needs and other information.
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Office space and meeting room reservations:

    1. It provides an online booking function, allowing members to easily select and book office spaces and meeting rooms.
    2. Display real-time office space and meeting room availability so that members can make the best choice.
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Intelligent access control system:

    1. The use of QR code access control technology allows members to quickly enter the office area through their mobile phones.
    2. Set up intelligent access control equipment to achieve safe and convenient access management.
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Hardware integration:

    1. Install a work position sensor to monitor the use of office space in real time and provide real-time data statistics.
    2. The meeting room management system is integrated to provide functions such as meeting room reservation and meeting time management.
    3. Equipped with a display screen for displaying meeting room reservation information, on-site activities, etc.
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Location navigation:

    1. Provide indoor location navigation function to help members quickly find the required office space, meeting room and other areas.
    2. Integrate intelligent maps to provide location information for various services and facilities in the park.
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Smart locker service:

    1. Provide smart lockers for members to temporarily store their belongings to ensure the cleanliness of the office environment.
    2. Support electronic locks and one-time passwords to ensure the safety of items. 

Visitor management:

    1. Provide visitor registration and identity confirmation functions to ensure the security of visitors entering the park.
    2. Send notifications to the respondents to facilitate them to receive visitors.

Reporting and analysis:

    1. Provide statistical reports on the use of office space and meeting rooms to help managers understand the use of facilities and optimize resource allocation.
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