Large-scale outdoor parts tracking and sharing management system

This large-scale object tracking and sharing management system aims to provide a comprehensive solution for aircraft engineering maintenance, including tracking and locating large-scale equipment, and providing maintenance personnel to share and rent large-scale equipment applications. The following is an introduction to the main functions of this platform:

Object tracking and positioning:

    1. The indoor BLE (Bluetooth low energy) technology is used to realize high-precision tracking and positioning of large-scale equipment indoors.
    2. Integrate the outdoor GPS positioning system to achieve accurate positioning of equipment outdoors.
    3. Provide real-time location information so that managers can keep abreast of the location of large objects at any time.
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Equipment sharing management:

    1. Establish a detailed database for large-scale equipment, including model, status, historical usage records and other information.
    2. Realize the management functions of renting, returning, and changing the status of equipment.
    3. Provide an early warning mechanism and send a notification when the equipment needs to be repaired or maintained.

Mobile application (App):

    1. Develop mobile applications for maintenance personnel to use so that they can easily view the location, status and related information of equipment.
    2. Provide a rental function, maintenance personnel can use the app to book and rent the required large-scale equipment.
    3. The integrated sign-for function is convenient for maintenance personnel to confirm the return of the equipment.
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Real-time notifications and reminders:

    1. Send real-time notifications, such as equipment status changes, maintenance reminders, etc., to ensure that relevant personnel can understand and deal with them in a timely manner.
    2. Provide push notification function to enable employees to respond quickly when needed.
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Reporting and analysis:

    1. Generate equipment usage reports, including rental history, frequently used equipment, etc., to optimize resource allocation.
    2. Provide big data analysis tools to assist managers in formulating more effective operational strategies.
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Security and rights management:

    1. Achieve multi-level security and access control to ensure the confidentiality and integrity of system data.
    2. Provide role management and distinguish the usage rights of different employees to ensure system compliance.

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