Education evaluation system

This education evaluation system is a comprehensive platform designed to provide teachers, students, parents and school administrators with a convenient educational evaluation and learning management tool. The following is an introduction to the main functions of this platform:

Teacher-side function:

    1. Topic creation: Teachers can create evaluation topics according to the learning focus and the syllabus of the Hong Kong primary school curriculum.
    2. Teaching plan: Provide tools for formulating teaching plans, match the evaluation content, and ensure that the curriculum and evaluation are consistent.

Student side function:

    1. Answer questions and mock exams: Students can use the system to answer questions and mock exams for evaluation questions.
    2. Learning report: A learning report is systematically generated to show students' performance in different learning priorities, as well as their strengths and areas for improvement.

Parent-side function:

    1. Learning progress tracking: Parents can view students' learning progress and grades, and understand their children's learning anytime, anywhere.
    2. Achievement management: Provide management of children's academic performance, including report cards, achievement trends, etc.

School-side function:

    1. Review of evaluation results: School administrators can view the evaluation results of all students and analyze their overall learning performance.
    2. Grade comparison: Provide students' parents to compare their grades with the school to determine whether they are above or below the average value.

Year-on-year analysis:

  • Year-on-year analysis at the school, class, and individual levels: The system supports data analysis at different levels to help schools and teachers better understand student performance.

Report and data preservation:

    1. Report: The system generates a report of evaluation results, which clearly shows academic performance and progress in the form of graphics and numbers.
    2. Data preservation and analysis: The system saves all evaluation data to facilitate long-term data analysis and trend tracking.


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Message notification:

    1. Communication between teachers, students and parents: Provide a message notification function, so that teachers, students and parents can easily communicate.

Multi-layer rights management:

    1. Distinction between the rights of teachers, students, parents and managers: The system implements multi-level rights management to ensure that users in different roles can only access their corresponding functions.

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